It's been a year since the last re-design of - that went pretty fast.

We're now onto 10 years that I've owned this domain, which is quite an achievement - though I don't want to work out how much I've spent on hosting it over the years.

This update removes the portfolio from my website, as all my work has now moved to Crescent Studio and as such this has gone back to being a blog-focused site. In exchange, a much nicer and content-first design that allows me to share more photos in posts.

I've also really expanded on the music integration with my site, which seemed appropriate. You can find what I'm listening to, as well as my top track for the week as the first thing you'll see on my site.

There's also now a short biography for people who haven't known me for the full 10 years that I've been in the world.. wide web.

I also now prominently feature my social media, as well as other websites that I operate on the website which you may find of interest.

If you find anything that doesn't seem right, drop me a message please - this site has been put together very quickly in-between projects.