New Web Design For 2021

Posted November 23, 2020

Since I first purchased, I found myself unable to be content with any web-design and ended up leaving it as something I'll do later.

The end of this month marks the 9th year that I've owned this domain, nearly a decade in web - in other words I'm getting old and this site is well overdue a good design.

Without the inspiration for how I wanted to represent myself, I looked around WordPress themes and settled on Bold Photography by Catch Themes. The theme has its quirks and it's not perfect but it's a fantastic improvement and for the first time in nearly a decade - I'm proud of my personal site.

A huge part of the new site design is the photography, this photoshoot has now become my public branding - so a huge thank you to Steph for these shots.

I've added a portfolio to my site, as well as made a lot of my old posts public. Took some time sorting this out as I've never formally had a portfolio.

Finally having a website that I'm proud of will give me an incentive to post to my blog. In the coming months I'll be releasing blog posts on some questions I've been asked in the past including things like:

  • How I grew MC-Market
  • Why I sold MC-Market
  • Why I moved to Holland and back to the UK
  • What other projects I have run
  • How to start an online radio
  • Setup pics & decor advice

I'll also be posting more mundane things if that's more your style, like record / movie reviews, tutorials, tricks, etc.

Comments have been turned on for the majority of posts on the site, so the site can also act as a platform for basic discussion.

There's no newsletter or anything, so just check back every now and again :)

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