Desk Setup

Posted December 22, 2020

December 2020

Swapped monitor mount with a stand for the MacBook, upgraded mixer, christmas decorations, skateboards + vinyl on wall.


Room painted a better colour. This is the point where I switched from PC to Mac, wasn't quite sure how to set up the MacBook effectively at this point. Guitar collection started on the wall and starting to learn piano. Moved the speakers on to stands which was.. Dangerous.

Mid 2017

Got a bigger desk, set up the extra monitor and mounted the TV on the wall.

Early 2017

Moved houses, lost a lot of space and hadn't quite worked out how to use it at this point and had to lose the third monitor. Also some audio upgrades.

December 2016

Upgraded gaming PC, three monitors, new MacBook, funky and somewhat effective mic stand positioning.

April 2016

One of the biggest improvements to my setup up until this point, the addition of Philips Hue to my house was a game changer.

September 2015

This is the time where I started getting better audio equipment.

March 2015

Not a great picture and not much change from the previous setup, just a few things moved around and a heap of mess.

August 2014

Got a second desk and spaced things out.

May 2014

Stopped using the second PC and moved bed to that area.

December 2013

These are the first pictures that I have with my first gaming PC (left), as well as my first computer (right).

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