Listening to Music Together on Mobile

Posted April 19, 2020

Update: this has now been added to Spotify!

A few friends and I wanted to listen to the same music together, quickly realizing that some of us have Lightning Headphones and Bluetooth Headphones which removes the option of a Headphone Splitter and iPhones and Android Devices, we had to improvise and here’s what we came up with.

If we all had Headphones using a standard 2.5mm jack, Watch2Gether would have been a great option however we were all using different types of Headphones and the majority of us were using our mobiles which ruled this out as it’s relatively incompatible with mobile devices.​

Spotify Playlist
This is what we settled on, all of us have Spotify Premium so this is by far the best way for us to listen to music.

We all followed a Spotify Playlist I created, which I made Collaborative (a great feature for Spotify, if you haven’t used it yet) which allows us all to add and remove music at any time.

Then we all just start the first song at the same time, listen and add music as we’re going along – it’s a great way to discover new music and explore each others taste in music.

The only other thing is to remove the music once every week, so we can have fresh music to listen to weekly.​

Yes, this is simple – but we sat around for a long time trying to come up with something and it’s worth sharing if it helps someone else in our situation.

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