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About Chris Verringer

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chris, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

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    If you've arrived here, you probably know who I am - but there's always a chance that you don't and this thread is for you.

    I am Chris Verringer, primarily a community manager but one with lots of ideas.

    In my spare time I run a few projects, these take up most of my time but I love it - some people work to live, I live to work.

    In my free time, I like to play guitar, listen to music, learn more about music & audio, watch movies and tv on Netflix and some YouTube.

    A few years ago I founded a small website called MC-Market, this grew a little bigger than I thought it would - you can find out more about what happened with MC-Market and why I no longer run it here.​

    Early on in my ownership, I opened up a Counter Strike discussion forum which became the largest of it's kind before being merged in to Gamers Core.​

    During the back end of my ownership of MC-Market, I invested some money to start up a gaming radio - a long time dream of mine. You may be familiar with it as that radio was GGRadio.​

    In 2017 - I took things to the next level and decided to set up tmw.media - an organisation for all my projects to go under.

    During this year, I took up guitar and spent some time to relax and live some of the life I had missed out on.​

    We'll see what this year will bring, I'm hoping it will be the best yet for my current projects.

    I've already opened up Gamers Core and made some big changes to GGRadio - so it's off to a great start already.​

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