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Album Review Jack White - Boarding House Reach

Discussion in 'Music' started by Chris, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

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    Jack White - Boarding House Reach​

    Release Date:
    23 March 2018​

    Blues Rock​

    1. "Connected by Love" 4:37
    2. "Why Walk a Dog?" 2:29
    3. "Corporation" 5:39
    4. "Abulia and Akrasia" 1:28
    5. "Hypermisophoniac" 3:34
    6. "Ice Station Zebra" 3:59
    7. "Over and Over and Over" 3:36
    8. "Everything You've Ever Learned" 2:13
    9. "Respect Commander" 4:33
    10. "Ezmerelda Steals the Show" 1:42
    11. "Get in the Mind Shaft" 4:13
    12. "What's Done Is Done" 2:54
    13. "Humoresque" 3:10​

  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

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    Album Overview:
    Going in to this, I wasn't sure what to expect - all I had heard from the album was Over and Over and Over and hoped the album would remain similar in that style however had a lot of experimental stuff.

    I've followed Jack White for a while but never listened to one of his albums properly - there's a lot in the album and no real style.

    I'm going to recompile the tracks I liked in to a playlist and re-order it and give it a listen on the Hi-Fi system, perhaps I'll hear it differently.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say that I liked the album, but I also wouldn't say that I disliked it - it's really well mastered.​

    Favourite Tracks:
    Why Walk a Dog, Over and Over, What's Done is Done​

    Least Favourite Tracks:
    Connected by Love, Ice Station Zebra, Get in The Mindshaft​

    Track Overview:
    Connected by Love: This track felt like it was attempting to be a powerful track, but it just didn't do it for me - I liked the lyrics but everything else fell short. :tdown:

    Why Walk a Dog?: I quite like this song but it was definitely cut short - felt like it was going somewhere and never did. I loved the guitar effect, very different. :tup:

    Corporation: This song felt way too long and experimental, it didn't keep my attention at all and ended up skipping through it. :tdown:

    Abulia and Akrasia: Not one I'd add to a playlist, felt like an interlude but it's interesting - I looked up the lyrics and found a quote from Jack White "How can I make the most complicated poem about wanting a cup of tea?" - brilliant! :tup:

    Hypermisophoniac: This song is really interesting, the stereo-panning sounds great and I can't wait to listen to it on my Hi-Fi system. The whirring in the right channel makes the song have a constant unease to it and it fit the lyrics perfectly. :tup:

    Ice Station Zebra: This song had a bit of a funk-vibe to it, the synth sound reminded me of g-funk a lot. Not one I'd add to a playlist, but it's different and really well-made. :tdown:

    Over and Over and Over: The first song I heard from the album and the one that made me want to listen, this ones going in to a playlist when I can work out which it fits in to - also the video is amazing. :tup:

    Everything You've Ever Learned: Similar to Abulia and Akrasia, it felt like an interlude that definitely had a lot more to offer. :tup:

    Respect Commander: It felt like a cheesy 2000's disco track until 1:45 where it takes a completely different turn and becomes actually good. The guitar work in this song is catchy and feels almost like it's being played by a robot. :tup:

    Ezmerelda Steals the Show: This track sounds brilliant, there's not much going on but the vocals take up a lot of space. The poem is interesting and I really paid attention to it - seems to be a recurring theme with short poems on this album. :tup:

    Get in the Mind Shaft: I liked the intro but the rest of the song was a let down, feels like an early Daft Punk song. :tdown:

    What's Done is Done: A really nice and slow track, fitting towards the end as a sort of closing track but almost feels out of place on the album. :tup:

    Humoresque: Softer and quieter than the previous song, a great end to the album - makes it feel like you've been on a journey and you've come to the end. I can see this being fitting in a movie - either a horror or a romance... Checked the genius and apparently it was by Al Capone and Jack White bought it at auction for $18,750 - woah. :tup:​

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