As I've been getting into trading, it seems impossible to get away from TradingView. I have no issues with the platform, at all - in fact I love it.

I just really don't like the dark theme because it's blue and I do most of my charting late on a night with night shift on.

To resolve this I've written a custom userstyle for TradingView with all values assigned to variables - I've also gone ahead and released multiple versions with commonly sought after colour combinations and I encourage you to make your own and send them my way!



This is a very early version, some colours may be wrong. I do not encourage you to trade with this version and take no responsibility for any effects the theme or associated addons may cause. Please take the responsibility upon yourself to read thoroughly through the attached CSS userstyle to confirm it is safe for you to use.


I fully intend on creating a 100% complete version of this theme, where everything is easily changed in my variables.

Thereafter I'll release it on userstyles + github, alongside a bunch of variations to the theme as well as some other small tweaks I've made.

Once it's up there, I'll be working to make this into a chrome extension & release it there - making a more user friendly experience for changing the theme colours for those unfamiliar with CSS.

Thereafter, I'll be making a patcher to update the desktop app on MacOS with these themes - Windows & Linux may follow.

I like the mobile app.


You are permitted to make modifications, however redistribution is not allowed. If you have something to add - please reach out to me.


  1. Download the .css file from below.
  2. Install Stylish from the Google Chrome Web Store.
  3. Create new style in stylish.
  4. Paste the contents of the .css file into the 'Code 1' box.
  5. Set 'applies to' links as 'URLs starting with' and enter your trading view chart URL - likely https://www.tradingview.com/chart/
  6. Save the theme.
  7. Go to the moon!


Current version: 1.0.0

verringer-tradingview-theme.css.zip 1.6 KB