StatsOrb is an instant news and data aggregator for the biggest geopolitical moments of the past few years.

StatsOrb is also incorporated as a non-profit in the USA and are working to better the world around us.

The idea was first brought to us as just that - an idea. Sometimes, these are the best projects as almost all creative control lies in our hands and this was one of those projects.

Starting with the design, I set out to create something that doesn't hinder visitors in any way - just provides instant access to exactly what they're looking for.

Once I had a design down, a name hadn't been quite decided on yet - so I offered some suggestions and it was eventually settled on that it'd be called StatsOrb - which fit perfectly into the design from the moment it was said out loud.

Thereafter, I developed the frontend to the application in React.JS, which provides a very snappy feeling to the site. The backend API for the service was developed in Python for it's stability in this use-case.



"If I were to describe Crescent Studio [Chris Verringer] in three words, it would be fast, easy, and quality. Fast for the time that they deliver your requested service, working with the customer to get them the product they most want. Easy for the process, no dilly dallying, straight to the point, perfect communication, and no issues after the fact. Quality, as in nothing they deliver is bs. Everything is optimized, the UI is amazing, and the whole service overall is a good quality service. Would definitely recommend working with Crescent Studio for your next project."