Designed in collaboration with Mantas Vilčinskas and then developed by myself in to a one-page website.

Flippr needed a design for their upcoming 'Club Penguin Private Server', something that appealed to younger audiences and gave off a clear indication of what game it is modelled after, while not infringing on any rights.

I researched similar websites in the field, and found there to be a persistent 2000's look among all of them - something we did our best to avoid as kids don't need website any simpler than we do!

See this website live at flippr.network


BuddyCrafted (Owner, Flippr Network)

Chris Verringer created a modern up to date version of a Club Penguin themed site. This catered both to adults and children but in a new age fashion. Although there were some delays the team managed to pull through and create a decent website for our game.