EzCoin Cash

This inspiration from this design was taken from the modern crypto community, where the majority of users prefer dark websites. The green was selected based on its association with money. … Continue reading…EzCoin Cash

GGRadio 5

About For GGRadio’s 5th anniversary, I wanted to do something special – though we have been known to update our website design for our anniversaries – this year was different.

Flippr Network

Flippr needed a design for their upcoming ‘Club Penguin Private Server’, something that appealed to younger audiences and gave off a clear indication of what game it is modelled after, while not infringing on any rights. … Continue reading…Flippr Network

Warehouse Studio

Bryan Adams put out a call for web developers via his Instagram to work on Warehouse Studio’s new website, I contacted him eagerly and worked alongside him and his team to produce this site for them. … Continue reading…Warehouse Studio

GGRadio 3 + 4

GGRadio 3 was a huge step forward for the site, we were finally making the move to get away from the simplistic design that we had ended up adopting and in to a more common design format amongst online radios. … Continue reading…GGRadio 3 + 4