My Personal Goals for 2020

Posted April 21, 2020

At the start of this year, I set out some goals that I'd like to achieve by the end of the year - not really resolutions but positive life improvements.

I'm going to keep this up to date with if / when those goals happen.

Learn to Ollie a Skateboard

I've wanted to be able to do this since I was a kid

Learn a Song All The Way Through on Guitar

I've played guitar for 3 years, but still haven't learnt a song like the back of my hand from start to finish. I think this is probably because I've gotten too comfortable with Rocksmith, but it's definitely time to break out of that habit.

Learn to Drive

After my bike got nicked last year, it's took me a while to work out what the next step is - but I think it's definitely getting a car and on the road again.

Form a Band

I'm at the stage now musically where I need to work with others.

Write a Song on Guitar

Perhaps this ties in to the band thing, but yeah - I wanna write.

Post Progress on Instagram Monthly

I tend to forget social media is for more than just wasting time looking at other peoples posts and I intended on posting a lot more of my progress on Instagram than I have - so this year I'm resolving that and posting at least one video a month... I think that's enough of my sloppy playing for anyone.

Learn to Sing

Perhaps learn is the wrong word, but improve my vocals, learn the right techniques and find my singing voice

Learn to Scream

Following on from the singing thing, I want to be able to scream - like those really angry bands do.

Attend 12 Live Events

This one was well underway at the start of the year after 2 gigs in December and 2 booked for January & February - it's looking like it may not happen as of writing this given the situation around Coronavirus - but as soon as I can get back in the scene I'll be moshing again.

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