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Fix for M-Audio BX5 D2: No Audio When Turned On

After having this issue with one of my speakers, trying everything and being completely stumped - I went online and found a bunch of fixes but none which mentioned the D2 speakers. https://www.fixya.com/support/t8352847-one_m_audio_bx5 Figuring there wasn’t much left to lose if it doesn’t...

Posted 17th Dec 2022

My Instruments

I took up guitar originally so I didn't feel like I was cheating by having one on my wall, at this point it's become a bit more than an obsession and I'm collecting guitars for the sound, feel and look - something I didn't think I'd care that much about. I've also started to play a range of othe...

Posted 21st Nov 2020

Yearly Winter Albums

Every year, I tend to gravitate towards an album as the weather gets colder - typically these albums are more mellow than what I listen to in the summer and kick off winter for me. Here's the list to date: 2020: Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You 2019: Anna's Anchor - Everybody's Welcome 2018: Jo...

Posted 20th Nov 2020

Last.FM Friends Activity on Homepage Chrome Extension

I have this written, just working on converting it in to a chrome extension with authentication support and then it'll be released on my github. ...

Posted 21st Apr 2020

Essential Apps for Learning Musicians

Look, I'm definitely no professional - or perhaps even a competent musician so I'm definitely not the most credible source... But - these apps have really helped me at points during my musical journey so maybe check 'em out. Quinterval NextChord Earpeggio ...

Posted 19th Apr 2020